Package org.aopalliance.instrument

This package provides an API for program instrumentation.


Interface Summary
Instrumentation This interface represents an instrumentation on the base program.
Instrumentor This interface defines all the methods that perform program instrumentations that are useful for AOP.

Exception Summary
UndoNotSupportedException The exception that is raised when the client program tries to undo an instrumentation and when current implementation does not support it.

Error Summary
InstrumentationError The error that is raised when an error occurs during an instrumentation.

Package org.aopalliance.instrument Description

This package provides an API for program instrumentation.

This package provides a set of interfaces for applying intrumentations on a program, i.e. a program modification which adds some feature (methods, classes, code) to the original program. These instrumentations are abstractly defined and can occur at compile-time, load-time, or runtime depending on the Instrumentor implementation. Moreover, since it uses the org.aopalliance.reflect package which provides an abstract representation of the program, the instrumentations can be implemented at a source-code level or at a bytecode level, depending on the implementation.

This API is specific to AOP. This means that the set of program instrumentations that is allowed is a restricted set compared to a general-purpose API. However, general-purpose transformation tools should provide an implementation of this API in order to be easily used by several AO systems.


This package requires the org.aopalliance.reflect package.