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Interception Frameworks

Another type of base components that can be extremely useful to build AOEs are the interception frameworks. With the dynamic proxies, Java provides a standard API/framework for interception. However, several enhancements on transparency, performance, etc, can be achived by other implementations (most of them use an instrumentation API). It is thus also interesting to define a standard interception API/framework with a clear semantics.

Interception frameworks have many advantages since they allow to implement very easily the around advices of the AOP model. Moreover, they can be standalone and most of the time provide quite clear AOP-like code despite written in pure Java. For these reasons, several interception frameworks have been implemented in many projects and environments (including J2EE application servers, see JBoss). Hence, the AOP Alliance should provide an abstract interception framework in order to standardize this AOP important toolbox.

Renaud Pawlak 2003-07-12