Member info of the AOP Alliance web site

Cédric Beust (website)

Jonas Bonér
Project: AspectWerkz (website)
Why AOP Alliance: I think that if AOP is going to be fully accepted by a large community of users then we need some kind of standardization. It is always important not to bind a technology to a specific tool or product.

Shigeru Chiba (website)

Laurence Duchien Professor, Lab. LIFL, Université de Lille 1, France (website)
Why AOP Alliance: I participate to JAC Project and I'm really interesting by an AOP Middleware Architecture with standard interfaces.

Rod Jonhson

Bob Lee

Laurent Martelli
Projects: JAC

Rickard Öberg (website)
Why AOP Alliance: we should be able to determine what is common and what is not common among the different frameworks and implementations, which is important enough

Renaud Pawlak
Project: JAC (website)
Why AOP Alliance: I think that it is time that the AOP community reach some agreements on AOP standards. I hope that standard specifications will improve AOP adoption by a wide range of users.

Andrei Popovici (website)
Why AOP Alliance: I'm interested in dynamic AOP Alliance; AOP Alliance is promissing to give AOP/dynamic AOP frameworks more momentum
Projects: PROSE

Jon Tirsen (website)
Why AOP Alliance: Creator of Nanning, the simple AOP framework for Java

Lionel Seinturier (webpage)

Bruce Snyder
Projects: Castor JDO
Why AOP?: I have used AOP for adding debug logging, etc. to applications. However, I'm much more interested in application architecture using AOP, reusalbe AOP components and how to develop test cases for applications using AOP.

Shi YiYing
Project: POJO (commercial)
Why AOP Alliance: I'm interested in AOP Alliance because I'm looking for a better AOP solution.

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